Discover our guide to explore the backcountry and choose the right equipment to ensure a rewarding experience without compromising your safety.

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Backcountry snowboarding

Much more than a simple discipline, backcountry (or snowboard off-piste) represents an adventure off the beaten track. Before delving into the details of safety and necessary equipment, let’s first understand what backcountry really is, and how it differs from freestyle and freeride thanks to our backcountry snowboard guide.

What is the backcountry?

Backcountry, also known as backcountry, is the essence of freedom in the world of snowboarding. Unlike freestyle with acrobatic tricks and freeride with spectacular mountain descents, backcountry is characterized by the exploration of virgin and isolated terrain. It is a total immersion in nature, an experience where the mountain becomes your personal playground, offering an extraordinary escape.

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Why is safety important off-piste?

Safety is imperative when exploring backcountry snowboarding. The risks associated with off-piste require increased awareness of weather conditions, potential hazards such as avalanches, and first aid control in an emergency. Prioritizing backcountry snowboard safety is essential to ensure memorable and worry-free adventures, whether you’re snowboarding or splitboarding.  Discover all our snowboard backcountry tips

Safety in the backcountry snowboard

Physical and mental preparation

Physical and mental preparation is an essential investment. Specific backcountry workouts strengthen your endurance, preparing you for the varying conditions of the mountain. Understanding your own limitations is crucial to a successful adventure. 

Cultivating mental preparation is equally essential in this demanding environment. Anticipating and overcoming unexpected challenges that may arise requires mental resilience. The mountain, by its changing nature, can present unexpected situations, and a solid mental preparation will allow you to make informed decisions and maintain a positive attitude, even in the face of the unexpected. By developing these aspects, a good backcountry snowboard preparation guarantees a rewarding and safe experience.

Survival techniques in a backcountry environment

Knowledge of survival techniques in backcountry is a vital skill. Knowing how to use a DVA (Avalanche Search Device), understanding the local topography and mastering rescue procedures are essential to navigate safely in these undeveloped terrain.

Tips to minimize risks

Minimizing risks in backcountry is synonymous with prudence and foresight. Constantly assess weather conditions, avoid high-risk areas, and learn to read snow cover to anticipate potential avalanches. These practical tips will guide you on a secure and memorable backcountry adventure.

Essential equipment for the backcountry


Proper equipment is the key to success in backcountry. From snowboards specially designed for off-piste terrain to safety equipment, such as avalanche sensors (DVA) and airbag bags, every detail counts in backcountry snowboard gear. Investing in quality backcountry gear optimizes your experience, giving you the confidence to push the boundaries. Here is the list of equipment to have to venture off the marked trails: 

  • Backpack: a backpack is essential to carry all your equipment. To maximize your safety, opt for an airbag bag that can be deployed in case of avalanche to increase your buoyancy and thus reduce the risk of burial;
  • DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector): DVA is a crucial device to quickly locate people buried under snow in the event of an avalanche. Worn on the body, it emits a signal that rescuers can pick up to find you quickly;
  • Beacon, probe and shovel: the probe and shovel are used to locate and extract a buried person, while the beacon sends a distress signal in an emergency;
  • First aid kit: containing essential items such as dressings, bandages, medications, the first aid kit can treat minor injuries in the mountains. 

Before each trip, make sure that your equipment is in good working order, that the batteries are charged, and that you know how to use each item correctly. Backcountry safety depends largely on the preparation and knowledge of your equipment.

Choosing the right snowboard

The choice of snowboard is a crucial decision. A versatile board, able to adapt to different snow conditions, offers essential stability in backcountry. Choose wisely based on your skill level and the challenges you plan to face.

Selection of appropriate bindings and boots

Bindings and boots are your direct link to the board. Opt for sturdy bindings that ensure a secure connection, and boots that provide optimal support for the foot. This combination guarantees total control over your board, maximizing your safety on the descent.

Finally, choose a warm but breathable ski outfit, with a pair of gloves and extra ski socks if you’re riding in wet snow. Because the weather can change quickly in the mountains, 

Advanced progress in backcountry snowboarding


Advanced snowboarders will find in backcountry specific training a way to explore more demanding terrain with confidence. Strengthen your skills, improve your endurance and develop a thorough understanding of mountain conditions in advanced backcountry snowboarding.

Explore advanced routes

Discover breathtaking backcountry snowboard routes, adapted to different skill levels. From majestic peaks to remote valleys, each route offers breathtaking scenery. Responsible exploration is encouraged to preserve the natural beauty of these places.

Tips to improve your backcountry skills

Developing your backcountry skills requires continuous commitment. Follow trainings, participate in outings supervised by professionals, and exchange with the backcountry community. These tips will help you to constantly evolve in your practice.

In conclusion, backcountry snowboarding is an unforgettable experience that requires preparation, proper equipment, and commitment to backcountry snowboard safety. By following our tips and exploring the recommended routes, you can fully embrace the spirit of backcountry. So gear up, get ready, and immerse yourself in this exceptional adventure while remaining aware of the elements that make backcountry snowboarding a unique passion. Good gliding and think about our different backcountry snowboard techniques!

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