Explore freeride ski hire in the French Alps. Find out why insurance is essential for safety and peace of mind on the off-piste slopes.

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Freeride ski hire: why insurance is crucial

The French Alps, with their majestic mountains and pristine slopes, are a destination of choice for freeride enthusiasts in search of adrenaline. If you are planning a getaway to enjoy freeride skiing, the issue of insurance is paramount. In this article, we will explore why freeride ski hire goes hand in hand with the crucial importance of taking out insurance.

Safety and protection in freeride

Freeride, due to its off-piste character and inherent challenges, can involve additional risks. Falls and accidents are not uncommon. Freeride ski rental insurance can cover medical expenses, helicopter transportation in case of emergency, and repatriation if necessary. It offers you invaluable security, avoiding unexpected expenses and guaranteeing rapid medical treatment.

Protection against unexpected events in the mountains

The mountain can be unpredictable, with changing weather conditions. Freeride ski rental insurance protects you in case of cancellation or interruption of your stay due to weather, resort closure or unforeseen personal circumstances. You will recover the costs of booking, equipment rental and accommodation.

Safety of your freeride equipment

Quality freeride material can represent a considerable investment. In case of theft, loss or damage to your equipment, freeride ski rental insurance can protect you, ensuring the safety of your investment.

Civil liability

Freeriding requires great vigilance to prevent accidents and protect other skiers. In the event of liability in an accident causing injury or property damage to others, civil liability insurance may cover legal costs and compensation.

Assistance and rescue in the mountains

In case of problems with freeriding, such as getting lost or finding yourself in a difficult situation, insurance can offer mountain assistance to guarantee your safety.

Coverage adapted to your practice

When you take out insurance for freeride ski hire, make sure it corresponds to your specific practice. Make sure that freeride is included in the coverage, as a riskier discipline than traditional alpine skiing. If you plan ski touring or other off-piste practices, also check that these activities are covered.

Carré + insurance with Freeride

On our website, when booking your ski or snowboard equipment, we suggest you subscribe to the Carré + insurance. Here are its advantages: 
- Rescue and evacuation: rescue and search costs covered by the insurance;
- Reimbursement of ski passes, ski lessons and equipment rental: in case of accident, illness or ski lift stop, you are reimbursed for unused days;
- Reimbursement of medical expenses: your medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses in France are reimbursed following a ski accident;
- Civil liability;
- Accidental damage and theft of equipment: repair and replacement of equipment;
- Repatriation assistance: transport costs and repatriation covered by the insurance. 

Discover all the additional information on our leaflet. 

In conclusion, freeride ski hire requires insurance to ensure your safety, protect your investment and give you total peace of mind. With its specific challenges and risks, freeriding requires adequate protection to cope with the unexpected. Explore the insurance options for freeride ski hire for a carefree mountain experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the excitement of the virgin slopes of the French Alps.