Discover our top 10 best snowparks in France with our expert guide for an unforgettable ride. To fill up with thrills!

top 10 des meilleurs snowparks de France

Welcome to our blog dedicated to extreme skiing enthusiasts! If you’re looking for pure adrenaline and thrills, you’ve come to the right place. As the owner of freeride ski hire shops, we understand the passion that drives skiers and snowboarders in search of adventure.

Today we take you on a journey through the snowy peaks of France to discover the best snowparks in the country. Whether you love freestyle, freeride or ski touring, these iconic destinations are a paradise for lovers of skiing. Fasten your bindings and get ready to hit the slopes designed to push your limits.

Top 10 best snowparks in France

1. Avoriaz (Haute-Savoie, 74)

Our first stop takes us to Avoriaz, nestled in the heart of the Portes du Soleil. This renowned snowpark offers a variety of modules, jumps and rails suitable for all levels. From beginner rider to seasoned pro, Avoriaz promises an unforgettable experience.
First snowpark created in France, Avoriaz has several fun areas to start freestyle and perfect its tricks: 

  • The Stash: accessible to all levels, it is an ecological snowpark that offers different modules distributed in the Lindarets forest. You can combine freeride and freestyle and enjoy wide open spaces and a boardercross to race with friends;
  • Lil'Stash: little brother of the Stash, this snowpark is dedicated to children to discover the sensations of freestyle. In the heart of the Proclou forest, minis riders will be able to attack the suspended footbridges and slides and hurtle down powder fields;
  • Snowpark de la Chapelle: snowpark accessible from beginner to advanced, this evolving space has 4 lines of kickers to progress at your own pace;
  • Arare Snowpark: for intermediate to expert skiers, this space was created in 1993 and has become the mythical place of freestyle. Composed of rails, boxes, table lines and a big air, it will delight all thrill seekers!

The magic of modules

Avoriaz is renowned for its freestyle magic, with a variety of creative modules that defy the laws of gravity. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the carefully crafted lines offer a unique experience on every descent. Kicks, rails and jibs promise you a playground where your creativity can flourish.

Experience at all levels

This snowpark doesn’t just satisfy professionals. Avoriaz is also the perfect place for beginners, with carefully designed initiation zones. You can progress at your own pace, guided by experienced instructors, to finally conquer the most daring jumps in the park.

The incomparable panorama

As a bonus, the panoramic view from Avoriaz adds a magical dimension to your freestyle experience. The majestic peaks of the Portes du Soleil frame every jump and turn, turning your descent into an unforgettable visual spectacle.

2. Tignes - Val d'Isère (Savoie, 73)

Tignes, a must in the French Alps, is home to one of the most innovative snowparks in the country. Its state-of-the-art facilities and events dedicated to freestyle make it a popular destination for lovers of tricks and daring jumps. The centre of freestyle, the resort used to host the X-Games, an event that brought together the best freestylers in the world. Today, the ski area houses different snowparks with lines of modules adapted to each level. 

Events to take your breath away

The events organized in Tignes add a spectacular dimension to this jewel of freestyle. From international competitions to freestyle festivals, every day is a celebration of creativity and boldness.

A creative community

Tignes is not only a place for skiing, it is a creative community. Local riders contribute to the evolution of the snowpark, sharing ideas and tips to raise the level of freestyle to new heights.

The challenge of the unknown

Beyond creativity, Tignes also offers off-piste areas for riders looking for challenges off the beaten track. Discovering new lines and jumps adds a dimension of exploration to the freestyle experience.
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3. Les 2 Alpes (Isère, 38)

Nicknamed the "Freestyle Land", Les Deux Alpes is an ultimate playground for freestyle enthusiasts.

Extreme modules

Les Deux Alpes is distinguished by its extreme modules that attract the most daring riders. From massive kickers to technical rails, every descent is an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

A variety for all

The diversity of jump lines and modules at Les Deux Alpes offers something for all levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to progress or a professional looking to push the limits, this snowpark has everything to please.

International competitions

Les Deux Alpes is also the scene of extreme events that attract riders from all over the world. From international competitions to freestyle shows, the electric atmosphere of this snowpark makes every day a unique experience.

4. La Plagne (Savoie, 73)

True land of champions, La Plagne is a ski resort that has seen the birth of many athletes such as Kevin Rolland (freestyle skiing, half pipe) or Tess Ledeux (freestyle, slopestyle and big air). The Riders Nation snowpark caters to all levels of skiers, from beginner to expert. Combining 4 freestyle courses and 36 modules, this is a unique playground that awaits you. 

Innovation at the heart

La Plagne is at the forefront of freestyle innovation. The designers of the snowpark constantly push the boundaries to offer a unique experience with each visit.

Accessible areas

La Plagne understood the importance of creating areas suitable for all levels of riders. From introductory sections to expert courses, every skier or snowboarder finds his challenge in La Plagne.

The pleasure at every turn

La Plagne also offers panoramic descents for those who prefer to enjoy the pleasure of skiing while enjoying the spectacular views. Every turn becomes an adventure in this innovative resort.

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5. Val Thorens (Savoie, 73)

Val Thorens, the highest resort in Europe, offers a snowpark that lives up to its reputation. With varied elements and regular freestyle events, this destination guarantees an exceptional experience in the heart of the Three Valleys. Find our ski shops in Val Thorens to book the best equipment and hit the powder fields!

6. Les Arcs (Savoie, 73)

Les Arcs seduces freestyle enthusiasts with its creative snowpark. Artistically designed modules and well thought-out jumping areas make this resort a favorite place for riders looking for originality.

7. Meribel (Savoie, 73)

At the heart of the 3 Vallées ski area, Méribel offers a harmonious snowpark where the diversity of modules seduces all rider profiles. From smooth descents to acrobatic jumps, this place has it all.

8. Vars (Hautes-Alpes, 05)

Vars, jewel of the Hautes-Alpes, is home to the Ecrins Park, a snowpark that is the pride of the region. With a variety of modules suitable for all levels, this spot offers a unique experience for skiers and snowboarders in search of thrills. Freestyle lovers will find their happiness in jumps and rails, while those looking for freeride can explore captivating lines in a picturesque setting.

9. Chamrousse (Isère, 38)

The Sunset Park of Chamrousse is a gem for freestyle enthusiasts. Nestled in the mountains of Belledonne, this snowpark offers a relaxed atmosphere and varied facilities. From sculpted jumps to strategically arranged rails, Sunset Park creates the perfect atmosphere to push its limits.

10. Châtel (Isère, 38)

Châtel stands out with its SmoothPark, a playground dreamed for skiers and snowboarders in search of versatility. Between its carefully crafted jumping lines and challenging freeride areas, SmoothPark offers a complete experience suitable for all levels of practice.

As you continue to explore the snowparks of France, you will discover a variety of terrain and challenges that will captivate your adventurous spirit. These ski resorts are not just destinations, but portals to unique experiences. Expect to be dazzled by creativity, push your limits, and feel the pure excitement of freestyle in these gems nestled in the heart of the French Alps.