Our ski shops in Tignes Val Claret

Tignes Val Claret: a snowy paradise

Welcome to Tignes Val Claret, a true gem in the heart of the French Alps, where skiing and snowboarding come to life. If you’re looking for the perfect place for an unforgettable winter adventure, you’ve come to the right place. From majestic mountains to exciting activities, to quality ski rental, welcome to this unique destination for all winter sports enthusiasts. 

Tignes: a sporting destination

Tignes Val Claret, located in the department of Savoie, has a rich history of mountain traditions. 

To reach this mountain paradise, travelers can use the airports of Geneva, Lyon or Chambéry, followed by a scenic drive or transfer. Bourg-Saint-Maurice Train Station is also a convenient access point for those who prefer the train. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by the impressive beauty of the mountains.

Your ski hire in Tignes Val Claret

The passion for skiing and snowboarding

As lovers of skiing, we understand the importance of having the best equipment. In Tignes Val Claret, our ski shops are here to provide you with everything you need. From high-quality skis to cutting-edge snowboards, we have everything to satisfy your passion.

Our ski shops in Tignes Val Claret

Our ski shops are strategically located throughout the village, offering easy access to the slopes and friendly service. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to advise you on the equipment that best suits your skill level and preferences.

Tignes: a unique ski resort

Tignes Val Claret is much more than just an alpine village. It is a renowned ski resort that offers a multitude of activities for all tastes. From ski enthusiasts to culture lovers, there is something for everyone.

Sports activities

  • Skiing and Snowboarding: Of course, skiing and snowboarding are the stars here. With more than 300 km of slopes, the Espace Killy ski area promises unforgettable skiing days.
  • Mountain Hiking: Nature lovers will appreciate the many possibilities of mountain hiking with breathtaking views.

Cultural activities

  • Museums and Galleries: Explore the local history and culture by visiting the Tignes Museum, where you will discover the fascinating history of the village and the region.
  • Festivals and Events: Tignes Val Claret offers a multitude of festivals and events throughout the year, offering a glimpse of traditional alpine life.

Unusual activities

  • Ice diving: explore the frozen underwater world of Lake Tignes during an ice diving. This unique experience will allow you to swim among the ice formations and discover the winter aquatic life.
  • Ice waterfall: for climbing enthusiasts, try ice climbing along the icy waterfalls of Tignes. You will need climbing skills and courage to face these frozen walls.
  • Driving on ice: test your driving skills on ice during an ice driving course. You can master the glide safely and live an exciting experience.

The ski area Tignes-Val d'Isère

The origins of the estate

Formerly known as Espace Killy, the Tignes-Val d'Isère ski area takes its name from the famous French skier Jean-Claude Killy, who won three gold medals at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble. It is in honor of this great champion that the ski area was named. The ski area is the result of an ambitious project that began in the 1960s, with the aim of creating a set of world-class ski slopes in the region of Tignes and Val d'Isère. Since then, it has continuously improved and expanded to become one of the most renowned ski areas in the world.

Iconic tracks

With an impressive ski area of over 300 kilometres of slopes, it is one of the largest ski areas in Europe. Here are some of the iconic trails you can explore during your stay:

  • Bellevarde Face: Bellevarde Face is a legendary track that has hosted many world-renowned alpine skiing competitions. It offers an exhilarating descent with steep and technical slopes, ideal for expert skiers looking for thrills;
  • La Grande Motte: La Grande Motte is a glacier located at an altitude of nearly 3,500 metres, offering a year-round skiing experience. You can descend its pristine slopes while enjoying exceptional panoramic views;
  • The Lost Valley: the Lost Valley is an ideal recreational track for intermediate skiers. It winds through the mountain, offering a nice dose of pleasure and scenery.

The iconic mountains

The Tignes Val Claret ski area, located within the famous Espace Killy, is surrounded by iconic mountains such as the Grande Motte and the Grande Casse. These majestic peaks add incomparable beauty to your skiing experience.

Easy access

Thanks to modern and efficient ski lifts, you will quickly reach the slopes. The ski area is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts, with varied slopes that guarantee an exciting adventure for everyone.

Tignes Val Claret is the place where the passion for skiing blends perfectly with the history and the alpine culture. During your visit, do not forget to go through our ski shops to equip yourself accordingly. Whether you are a seasoned skier or discovering the joys of the mountains for the first time, Tignes Val Claret has everything you need for a memorable holiday.

For an exceptional ski rental experience in Tignes Val Claret, trust our shops and get ready to hit the slopes in this snowy paradise of the Alps.