Freeride ski rental in Le Grand Bornand - Ski station

Le Grand-Bornand: an exceptional natural environment

At the heart of the French Alps, discover a real setting of a unique and preserved nature. Le Grand-Bornand is an essential village for freeride ski enthusiasts, harmoniously combining authenticity, high-savoyard charm and chic arty. Located in Haute-Savoie, Le Grand-Bornand station is nestled on the Aravis chain, offering an idyllic universe for a memorable holidays.

A rich inheritance station

Le Grand-Bornand has a rich heritage and a story closely linked to skiing. The first amateur skiers appeared in the 1920s, with the creation of the Bornandin skiers society. Since then, the station has experienced constant development, with the opening of the first ski lift in 1953. Classified winter and mountaineering sports resort since 1968, Le Grand-Bornand has become an essential destination for freeride ski lovers and mountaineering, offering a highest point at 2,752 meters above sea level with the point pierced.

A unique mix between culture and creativity

Le Grand-Bornand is renowned for its cultural spirit and its flourishing artistic scene. As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in a real creative experience. Dozens of works of art are exhibited through the station, paying tribute to the local heritage. You will also discover many craftsmen and ambassadors of forgotten trades who contribute to the life of the station. Do not miss the itinerant art gallery made up of the 55 customized cabins, telling the unique story of the station.

Sun -style unique experiences

In Grand-Bornand, the practice of freeride skiing is at the heart of the life of the station. The Northern Domaine du Grand Bornand offers 68 km of cross -country ski and skating tracks, renowned for its secret valleys, its incredible natural environment and advanced equipment. Biathlon lovers will even be able to follow in the footsteps of the Olympic champion Martin Fourcade by testing their skills on dedicated shooting areas. Hiking ski followers can explore the secure natural area and evolve on panoramic trails offering an exceptional view of the Aravis chain.

Le Grand-Bornand ski area

Le Grand-Bornand ski area offers 86 km of slopes, guaranteeing unforgettable ski holidays. Discover unavoidable places such as the drop -in, a legendary 3 km descent with 1100 meters of elevation. For powder lovers, the uncomfortable freeride space offers virgin areas of all traces for a unique experience. Beginners can take advantage of the express pasture, the longest covered carpet in the world (230 meters), allowing safe access to the beginner space. To top it all, do not miss the magical experience of night skiing, hitting the lits lit at sunset and taking advantage of an exceptional spectacle since the summits.

How to come to Le Grand-Bornand

To join Le Grand-Bornand, several options are available. Bus connections are offered from Lyon-Saint-Exupéry and Geneva airports. Annecy's SNCF station provides regular connections, with shuttles ensuring the journey to the Grand-Bornand. If you prefer to travel by car, the white highway (A40) allows you to easily access the Aravis massif following the Bonneville exit. From the A41, take the Annecy outing, then Thônes, and finally the stations of the Aravis.