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Welcome to La Rosière: Your Ideal Ski Destination

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, in the Tarentaise Valley, La Rosière is a winter oasis for snow sports enthusiasts and mountain lovers. 

La Rosière Centre

La Rosière Centre is the ideal starting point to explore the resort. Here you will find a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a lively atmosphere. It is also where many events and events take place throughout the winter season, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for visitors.

The story of La Rosière

La Rosière has a rich history that goes back centuries. Founded as a small mountain village, it has preserved its traditional charm while developing into an internationally renowned ski destination. Its cobbled streets and wooden chalets testify to its authentic heritage.

Ski hire in La Rosière Centre

La Rosière offers a full range of ski rental shops, ready to satisfy all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. Whether you are looking for high-performance alpine skis or child-friendly equipment, here you will find everything you need. In addition, local professionals will provide you with sound advice to ensure you have an optimal riding experience.

For snowboard lovers, La Rosière does not disappoint. Snowboard rental shops offer a variety of boards for all styles of riders. Whether you are an intrepid freestyler or a carving enthusiast, you will find the perfect snowboard to conquer the snowy slopes of La Rosière.

Besides skis and snowboards, you can also rent all the necessary ski equipment for your adventure. From poles to ski boots, helmets and proper outfits, La Rosière allows you to travel light by offering you complete rental options.

A cross-border ski resort

One of the most distinctive attractions of La Rosière is its status as a cross-border ski resort, sharing its ski area with Italy. This unique feature offers a myriad of benefits to skiers and snowboarders visiting the area. First of all, it means you have access to a diversity of trails and cultures. You can start your day on the French side of the mountains, hurtle down well-groomed slopes, then cross the border to explore the Italian wonders. Differences in culinary preparation methods, resort architecture and mountain culture create a rich and varied experience.

In addition, the cross-border ski area offers a larger area to explore. With more than 160 km of ski slopes in France and Italy, the possibilities are endless. You can ski from one country to another and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views throughout your journey. This variety of terrain is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts looking for challenges.

Finally, the cross-border station allows visitors to immerse themselves in two distinct cultures without having to travel far. You can taste French and Italian specialities, explore local traditions on both sides of the border and enrich your experience by discovering the diversity of the Alpine region. La Rosière and neighbouring Italy invite you to experience an unforgettable international adventure, making your stay at La Rosière even more exceptional.

All the activities of La Rosière

In La Rosière, the possibilities of activities are not limited to the ski slopes. This mountain resort nestled in the heart of the French Alps offers an impressive range of options for every taste. Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or you prefer indoor activities, there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed winter experience, try snowshoeing. It is an ideal way to discover the beauty of the mountain while taking your time to admire the snowy landscapes. You can also embark on a dogsled adventure, a memorable experience that allows you to connect with enthusiastic dogs while exploring the snowy trails.

Espace San Bernardo ski area

The ski area of La Rosière is known as Espace San Bernardo, which extends over the Franco-Italian border. With more than 160 km of slopes, it offers an infinite variety of descents for all levels. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the peaks and thrilling descents in the powder.

How to get to La Rosière Centre

La Rosière is easily accessible by car from the main cities of the French Alps. If you prefer public transport, the nearest airport is Chambéry, followed closely by Geneva and Lyon airports. There are regular shuttles between the airport and the resort.