Chamrousse 1750 - The destination of Freeride skiing

Chamrousse 1750 is much more than a simple ski resort. It is a place full of history and passion for mountain. In 1863, Father Cup, a Hermit of Roche Béranger, built the very first inn in Chamrousse. Since then, this place welcomes hiking enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors. Chamrousse is a real paradise for freeride ski followers, offering incredible tracks and breathtaking panoramas.

Freeride skiing in Chamrousse

Chamrousse is renowned for its exceptional possibilities of freeride skiing. With its varied relief and vast virgin spaces, the station offers an unforgettable experience to lovers of off-piste sliding. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy steep slopes, narrow corridors and powdery snow at will. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Chamrousse offers routes suitable for all skill levels.

The station has a long tradition of freeride skiing, dating back to 1878 when Henry Duhamel, a passionate Grenoble mountaineer, discovered skis at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. He quickly realized that this means of transport would allow him to explore the slopes of Chamrousse. Since then, the passion for freeride ski has continued to grow and the station has become a real paradise for riders in search of thrills.

Chamrousse - The Smart Station

Chamrousse has great ambitions for the future. With its project "Chamrousse Mountain Park 2030", the station aims to become the first connected station in the Alps, combining sustainable development, new technologies and architecture. By integrating connected objects and optimizing the use of renewable energies, Chamrousse wishes to create a unique experience for visitors. This vision is part of the station's desire to remain dynamic, attractive and in harmony with its exceptional natural environment.

The Chamrousse station is strongly engaged in sustainable development. She received the prestigious Flocon Vert label in 2017, awarded by the Mountain Riders association, in recognition of its actions in favor of the environment. Chamrousse organizes initiatives such as waste collection days, fights against food waste and sensitizes visitors to compliance with natural areas. Station employees are trained in preserving natural resources and reducing the ecological footprint.

Why choose Chamrousse for your freeride ski rental?

Located in Isère, the Chamrousse station offers many advantages for lovers of freeride skiing. As a destination engaged in environmental protection, Chamrousse highlights its preserved natural areas. You can enjoy virgin tracks, exciting corridors and breathtaking panoramas. The Arselle plateau is an ideal place for cross -country skiing or snowshoeing, offering an immersive experience in the wild. From the top of the Chamrousse cross, at 2,250 meters above sea level, you can admire an exceptional panoramic view of the Belledonne chain and the Grenoble valley.

Chamrousse is easily accessible from Grenoble, with regular shuttles from the bus station. Bus transfers are also available from Geneva airports, Chambéry and Lyon-Saint-Exupéry, facilitating your arrival in this renowned freeride ski destination.

If you are looking for an unforgettable freeride ski experience in a spectacular setting, Chamrousse is the ideal destination for your freeride ski rental. Book now and prepare to live moments of adrenaline and pure pleasure on the tracks of Chamrousse 1750.