Discover Mont Valaisan, the freeride area at 2800 m on the ski area of La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo, on the Franco-Italian border.


On the La Rosière ski area, escape to uncharted terrain and make your own tracks as you descend the snowy slopes of Mont Valaisan. Located in the San Bernardo Area connecting La Rosière to La Thuile in the Aosta Valley, this sector is a recent addition, with its expansion dating back to winter 2018.

The Mont-Valaisan project was a significant opportunity for La Rosière. With two new detachable chairlifts, the resort allows skiers to reach a new peak at 2,800 meters above sea level. While new red and black slopes have been introduced, the facilities provide access to vast areas for freeride skiing with complete freedom. Large fields of powder snow await you for off-piste skiing in total safety. In just 8 minutes from the base of the Moulins chairlift, backcountry enthusiasts can reach the summit and enjoy descents.

Discover Mont Valaisan: the essential freeride area

Geography and Access

Located on the Franco-Italian border, Mont Valaisan stands majestically on the La Rosière ski area. Its privileged location offers a breathtaking panorama, with breathtaking views of the French and Italian Alps. To get there from La Rosière, simply take the Moulins chairlift, which transports you in just 8 minutes to the summit at an altitude of 2,800 meters. From there, a vast off-piste area awaits you, with varied descents and slopes to challenge for seasoned skiers.

History and evolution of the resort

The history of Mont Valaisan is closely linked to that of La Rosière. With its desire to develop off-piste skiing and meet the expectations of freeriders, the resort has undertaken an ambitious project to create this new sector. 
In 2018, the extension of the ski area was inaugurated, marking the beginning of a new era for freeride enthusiasts. Since then, Mont Valaisan has become a true paradise for skiers in search of thrills and wide open spaces.

Why is Mont Valaisan a must for freeriders?

The Mont Valaisan offers freeriders an incomparable experience, thanks to its unique characteristics. With its two detachable chairlifts, it allows quick and easy access to virgin slopes and powder fields. The six red and black runs offer varied descents, suitable for all levels of off-piste skiing. 

With an altitude difference of 500 metres and an area of 50 hectares, Mont Valaisan guarantees breathtaking sensations of freedom and adrenaline. For freeriders looking for adventure and challenges, Mont Valaisan is simply a must.
Mont Valaisan in figures: 

  • 2 detachable chairlifts;
  • 6 red tracks
  • 1 black runway
  • 500 metres of altitude difference
  • Area extended over 50 he

Off-piste skiing ecology

It's not only about the pleasure of vast open spaces; ski resorts also make a point of marking these spots while respecting the environment. To bring such a project to life, La Rosière collaborated with environmental organizations to undertake actions for the preservation of wildlife and flora.

Facing ecological challenges, La Rosière established its own Environmental Observatory to respect the different species present in its territory and avoid any disturbances. Red frogs, Western Capercaillie, and other species coexist with skiers. The development of the Mont-Valaisan sector was therefore guided by a precise analysis of the presence of various species of nesting birds on the site.

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Practical tips for skiers

Safety and Readiness 

The practice of freeride involves inherent risks related to the evolution in unmarked and sometimes rugged terrain. Before embarking on an off-piste descent at Mont Valaisan, it is essential to take certain precautions to ensure its safety. First of all, it is recommended to learn about weather and snow conditions in order to assess the risks of avalanche. It is also crucial to never go alone and to stay in touch with your ski companions. Wearing safety equipment, such as a DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), a probe and a shovel, is essential in the event of an accident.

Recommendations for a responsible freeride practice

In addition to the safety aspects, it is essential to adopt a responsible attitude when freeriding. This involves respecting the rules of priority on the slopes and not taking unnecessary risks. Avoid venturing into unsecured off-piste areas and follow instructions issued by local authorities. In addition, it is important to preserve the environment by avoiding leaving waste on the slopes and respecting the local fauna and flora.

Recommended equipment

The choice of material is crucial for a successful freeride experience. In addition to safety equipment including an avalanche transceiver, a probe and a shovel, it is essential to have skis adapted to the practice of off-piste. Wide skis with a good rocker will be ideal for floating on powder snow, while sturdy bindings will offer better stability during jumps and landings. Regarding clothing, it is recommended to wear breathable and waterproof technical layers, as well as protections such as a back protector and helmet.

Useful information

To plan your ski day in Mont Valaisan, it is essential to have practical information such as the opening hours of the ski lifts, the prices of the ski passes and the services available on site. Opening hours may vary depending on the season and weather conditions, so it is advisable to check them in advance. Regarding rates, different package options may be available, including discounted rates for students, families or groups. 

Finally, it is useful to learn about the services offered on site, such as equipment rentals, ski schools, high-altitude restaurants and relaxation areas. This information will allow skiers to fully enjoy their day at Mont Valaisan in peace.

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