Discover the exclusive services offered by Freeride for an unparalleled ski equipment rental experience. Enjoy our wide selection of high-quality gear, suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals. Book online and save time with our easy and fast reservation system. Upon arrival, our team of experts will warmly welcome you and guide you in choosing the equipment that perfectly suits your needs and skiing style. Benefit from personalized boot fitting service to optimize the comfort of your ski boots. Our experienced technicians will ensure that your boots are comfortable and high-performing, maximizing your enjoyment on the slopes. Once your ski day is over, simply drop off your equipment at our specialized maintenance workshop. Our qualified professionals will take care of sharpening, waxing, and repairing your skis, ensuring optimal performance with every run. Take advantage of our secure storage service to safely store your equipment. With Freeride, your ski equipment rental is synonymous with quality, comfort, and outstanding performance. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable skiing experience.


Freeride Services

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Online Booking

Online and advanced booking is a significant advantage for ensuring the success of your trip with Freeride. You have the opportunity to conveniently select the equipment that suits you best from the comfort of your home. This allows you to embark on your vacation with peace of mind and fully enjoy your stay. Upon arrival, everything is already arranged for you. Our stores have prepared your equipment, ensuring it is ready for immediate use in optimal conditions.


To enhance the comfort of your ski boots, explore our bootfitting services. Our workshops specialize in various techniques to optimize the fit of the boots to your foot morphology. Bootfitting aims to eliminate discomfort and maximize your comfort by customizing the boots to your feet. Through the thermoforming process of the liner, it is molded to perfectly match the contours of your foot. This results in fully personalized boots that provide incredible comfort during your favorite sport activities.

Maintenance and Repairs Services

At Freeride, our stores are equipped with a dedicated workshop for the maintenance of rental skis and snowboards. After your day of skiing, you have the option to drop off your equipment, and our teams will take care of the rest. We also offer on-site sharpening and waxing services. Additionally, our stores provide a convenient storage service, especially for overnight periods.

Fast Pass

Save time in-store with our Fast Pass service and enjoy priority access to retrieve your equipment. Say goodbye to waiting in lines! With the Fast Pass, your ski gear will be waiting for you, ready to accompany you on the slopes.