Enjoy the first snowfall with Premières Traces, the season launch weekend in Val d'Isère, a must-see destination for all snow lovers.


First Tracks week-end in Val d'Isère: Ultimate guide for freeride enthusiasts

Are your legs eager to get back on the skis? On 26 and 27 November, head to the Val d'Isère ski area to make your first tracks in the snow! 

What is the First Tracks weekend?

Emblematic event that marks the official launch of the ski season in Val d'Isère, the Premières Traces weekend is THE appointment not to be missed. This is a highly anticipated moment for freeride enthusiasts, where skiers and snowboarders come together to celebrate the beginning of winter and enjoy the first descents on the freshly prepared slopes.

This special weekend is a real party for snow lovers, where the excitement is palpable from the first rays of sun on the snowy peaks. Skiers and snowboarders flock to the first light of dawn to be among the first to draw their lines in the pristine powder.

Val d'Isère becomes a real playground for riders, with special activities organized throughout the weekend. Freeride competitions, freestyle ski demonstrations, festive evenings and cultural events come to animate the resort, creating an electric and festive atmosphere.

Equipment needed for an optimal freeride experience

Do you want to go off-piste at the beginning of the season to enjoy the first snowfall? Discover all our essential equipment for your future descents: 

  • Ski touring, freeride or snowboard: 
  • Ski boots: have good freeride ski boots for maximum comfort;
  • Sealskins: sealskins will help you reach the ridges to enjoy the view and choose your line for your off-piste descents;
  • Ski helmet and protections: safety is paramount in freeride. Wear a helmet to protect your head in the event of a fall, as well as knee, elbow and wrist protectors;
  • Avalanche Safety Equipment:  When operating off-piste, it is essential to be equipped with an avalanche search device including a DVA, shovel and probe. These tools can save your life in the event of an avalanche by allowing you to quickly locate and extract a buried victim;
  • Backpack airbag: essential equipment to carry all your avalanche safety equipment, the backpack airbag is also essential in case of avalanche and allows you to float on the snow. 

By being properly equipped, you can fully enjoy your day of freeride in Val d'Isère safely and with peace of mind. Make sure you know the off-piste safety tips before venturing freeride to Val d'Isère. From preparing your equipment to managing risks in the mountains, learn how to stay safe while pushing your limits.

Val d'Isère, a unique ski experience

Mythical ski resort, Val d'Isère is a unique place where many ski champions were born. Proud of its international reputation, the resort is an essential destination for all lovers of skiing. With guaranteed snow from November to May, the Tignes-Val d'Isère ski area is one of the best in the world.
A committed resort, Val d'Isère is part of an ecological logic and implements local initiatives in favor of the environment. Recycling, respect for biodiversity, these actions engage all the actors of the station in order to create a real ecological transition.

The best freeride spots in Val d'Isère

In ski touring or freeride, many off-piste are accessible on the field. On the Fornet sector, Les Grands Vallons is an unmissable spot with 1000 m of altitude difference and a nice hilly relief. The Tour du Charvet is ideal for beginners. This off-piste initiation is very pleasant to escape the ski area.

Finally, for expert and committed skiers, Le Couloir de La Table offers an exceptional panorama of Val d'Isère. From the rock of Bellevarde, it is a very technical spot that will offer you an unprecedented experience in the mountains.

Freeride, ski hire specialist in Val d'Isère

Val d'Isère is a unique place where many ski champions were born, a must for all lovers of skiing.
With over 10,000 hectares of pristine snow, it’s a real playground for all freeride ski lovers. To hit these powder fields, book your Val d'Isère ski rental now. Upon arrival at the resort, your equipment awaits you in store where our professional and passionate teams welcome you and equip you for your holidays.

The First Tracks weekend in Val d'Isère promises adrenaline and fun for all freeride enthusiasts. With its spectacular landscapes and varied slopes, Val d'Isère is a must-see destination for skiers and snowboarders in search of thrills. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in this freeride paradise.